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We had been struggling for months with our server/computers. Lewis was a life-saver. He gave us a very professional, competitive quote and scheduled a time to go over all of our questions. He walked us through every step of the installation we signed up. Our first day using our new system, Lewis was available and on-site walking through any glitches that came up. it was awesome! Any time we have a question or need help with something the response time is quick...which is "a must" in any business! Thank you to Lewis and his team...our computer issues are a thing of the past!

Legacy Veterinary Hospital -

My business is growing and I needed a solution that would allow my field techs to have access to important documents and plans plus I needed the security. I contacted Don't Let IT Break. They came out and did an evaluation of what I needed and listened to all of my needs. There were a couple of issues with they ran into with the VPN router (a manufactures issue) but they worked through it and got it resolved. Their attention to detail and knowledge, plus staying on track and most importantly meeting my needs was outstanding. I recommend Don't Let IT Break.

-Tri Pazoureck - Low Voltage Solutions - Farmers Branch, TX

I have to take a moment to thank Don't Let IT Break for an amazing job you did on my network. I was so tired of working with my-self installed network and the problems that it caused. I am no pro by any means. I didn't realize how many network exposures I had created with my system! Thanks again for coming in , and getting my office set up properly. It's now lightning fast, and secure from any outside exposures. I appreciate all you did! Thanks so much!

-Ed Mahoney- Bounce For Fun- Frisco, TX -

I have a laptop that had several viruses on it and was told by other tech support companies that it was beyond repair and I would lose all my data. I was very discouraged but refused to accept that fate for all my information on my laptop. I have hundreds and thousands of pictures on that computer of family ancestors that cannot be replaced. These are family heirlooms and memories that cannot be duplicated. The original photos were lost and these were the only remaining copies. I gave Don't Let It Break a call and he said he would see what he could do. My expectations were exceeded greatly!! Not only were the viruses removed and the pictures unscathed, but they were kind enough to update all my software and do a thorough clean up! I am very thankful that we have our memories!! Thanks!!!

-Kinsey (The Colony, TX)

Our main server at work crashed one day we had no computers. I called Don't let it break and Lewis came out right away to help us. Not only did he help us get up and running again but he made sure everything was running smoothly and took the extra step to ensure we were happy and walked us threw the whole process. Don't let it break has ALWAYS been on time or even a little earlier than what they say. Don't let it break has been and will be the BEST computer/IT man we have ever had. Once we started using them we couldn't be happier. We will never change IT guys again. It's great to have someone who knows what they are doing and prices are great. Its nice to have someone you can TRUST with computer. I give Don't let it break 10 stars!!

-Stephanie Office Manager / Little Elm Dental - Little Elm, TX -

Lewis has been a great addition to our team. If any problems arise, he is here on the same day and the problem disappears. He's honest and takes great pride in his work. He goes above and beyond just supporting our systems, as evidenced by a broken door getting repaired and a light replaced, just because it was "bugging" him. I highly recommend Lewis and Preventive Maintenance Solutions for any computer or system needs.

-Dr. Charlie Morgan - Stonebrook Dental Frisco, TX -

Liz and I want to thank you for a fantastic job in helping us selecting and setting up our Laptop and Desktop computers. They have all the features we wanted and they are both fast and easy to use.

Bill & Liz – Frisco Lakes

My hard drive crashed in my MacBook and I have an iPod with over 8,000 files on it but was afraid to sync it to my MacBook fearing I would delete all the files. I called Don't Let It Break and they were able to transfer all my iPod files to my MacBook with out any files missing. Not only did they ease my mind that my files are safe, they had my computer back to me with in 24 hours, just in time for me to leave out of town on business.

-Bob (Addison, TX)

I took my PC to a computer shop and they told me it couldn't be fixed because it was too old and it had a virus on it. I called Don't Let It Break and they told me they could look at it to see if it can be fixed. Later that day they called to tell me know it just needs to be updated in software and that no viruses had been detected. The honesty and pricing was great and I will be back again with my next issue.

-Michelle & Mitchell (Little Elm, TX)

I was scared because I thought a virus attacked my computer. I received a coupon in the mail from Don't Let It Break so I gave them a call. They scheduled an appointment with me for the same day. After the tech ran various scans, he determined there were no active viruses and that my anti-virus software had found a potential virus and quarantined it. The tech showed me how to view the logs and what to do in case I think a virus has come in. I really appreciate the honesty and quick response.

-Paige (Frisco, TX)

It was in the late evening and my laser printer stopped working and I had a ton of orders to get out for my business. I called Don't Let It Break and explained what the problem was. The tech logged in remotely and ran a few diagnostic tests on my computer. He then had me reset my printer and bam, it started working. I was so relieved and it only took all of 20 minutes and they didn't even charge me. I highly recommend taking all your computer issues to Don't Let It Break.

-Joyce (Dallas, TX)

My daughter stuck her camera SD card in my computer slot and it fell through and we couldn't get it out. There were pictures of our new grand & great grand son. We tried shaking the laptop and putting a screwdriver in it to try and get it, but no luck. We called Don't Let It Break and they scheduled a time to come out and he found that we had damaged the board when we stuck the screwdriver in it. He was able to get the SD card out, but I was worried I would loose over 5,000 pictures that I had scanned from my family from the 1900's. The tech was able to recover all of the data on the hard drive and connected it to another computer so I can view all my files. Thank goodness we called Don't Let It Break, because we would have lost some very memorable pictures that could not be replaced.

-Laura (Frisco, TX)

My PC was running so slow that I could barley pull up the Internet. I called Don't Let It Break and they came out that day. After running some testing, the tech needed to take the computer back to the office to perform more testing. The next day, the tech returned my computer and it was running 1,000 times faster then it did when I first bought it. I am so glad I called them.

-Brad (Little Elm, TX)

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